Reporting outbreaks of Coronavirus in the UK

UK Chambers should review and share the new guidance for businesses and organisations on how to recognise, contain and report incidents of Coronavirus. The COVID-19 early outbreak management information has been created to make sure that people who run businesses or organisations:

know how to recognise and report an incident of Coronavirus; and
are aware of measures local health protection teams may advise in order to contain it.

Print and download the new action cards developed to provide specific advice on the issues each type of organisation may face now lockdown restrictions have been eased.

Update on local restrictions in the UK

In Luton and in Blackburn with Darwen temporary measures to prevent further spread of Coronavirus have been agreed. As a result, changes planned in England will not take effect in Luton and Blackburn with Darwen including the reopening of:

Indoor gyms;
Indoor fitness and dance studios;
Indoor sports courts and facilities;
Indoor swimming pools;
Bowling alleys;
Indoor skating rinks;
Casinos; and
Exhibition halls and conference centres.

This will be formally reviewed by 8 August and every 2 weeks after that. All businesses that have already been permitted to open can remain open in Luton and in Blackburn with Darwen. UK Chambers should review the list of areas with additional local restrictions. More information on the UK government’s approach to managing local Coronavirus outbreaks is available on our Coronavirus Hub.

Kickstart Scheme – UK Chambers working group

Earlier this month, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak MP announced a new Kickstart Scheme to fund the direct creation of jobs for young people at risk of long-term unemployment. A £2 billion fund will be used to create hundreds of thousands of quality 6-month Kickstart roles that will also include wider support for participants to improve their longer-term employability. There are similarities to the Future Jobs Fund, which many Chambers were involved in delivering.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is currently developing the proposal, with a view to going to market in late August. BCC has recently met with DWP and we are now forming a working group to assist with the development of their proposal. We may consider whether the Chamber Network can deliver this programme and how we might come together to bid.

BCC’s next meeting with DWP is taking place on Tuesday 4 August from 12.30pm – 2.00pm. UK Chambers please contact James Martin to join this call and/or the working group.

Coronavirus Business Impacts Tracker – fieldwork for tranche three of series two

The next tranche of data collection runs from 3 – 8 August. As with all our national surveys outside of QES, if your Chamber has contributed a database to the BCC for surveying members then no action is required.The BCC manages the fieldwork process entirely in-house. If your Chamber has not contributed a database, a standalone link can be provided on request.

Results from the tranche two of series two is scheduled to be published on Wednesday 5 August. Contact David Bharier or Suren Thiru for more information.