The BNCC Board of Directors

Simon Ferrington
Simon FerringtonBNCC Chairman
Håkon Borud
Håkon BorudPartner First House
Eric Finsaas
Eric Finsaas
Tanya Hertzenberg
Tanya HertzenbergDirector
Per-Egill Frostmann
Per-Egill FrostmannDirector
Beate Herneblad
Beate HernebladLawyer, Deloitte Advokatfirma AS
Beate provides employment law, social security, pension and insurance advice to companies with national and international cross border activities and delivers coordinated services together with Deloitte’s network of 6000 worldwide professional experts. Beate represents expert knowledge in a growing international labor market where seamless management of rights and obligations in cross-border and national activity is expected, regardless of subject area. Beate is committed to finding durable and robust solutions which serves the best interest of the client, both on short and long-term.
Robert Schur
Robert SchurDirector
Kyrre W. Kielland
Kyrre W. Kielland
Eva Helen Rognskog
Eva Helen Rognskog
Eva Helen Rognskog is the CEO and co-founder of the ocean tech company SATPOS.
She is a passionate entrepreneur and an active global voice within ocean health, technology, and the blue economy.