The British Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (“BNCC”) is an independent, autonomous, non-profit organisation, funded solely by income from membership fees and revenues arising from events and functions organised by BNCC.

One of the main objectives of the BNCC is to strengthen the business relationship between the UK and Norway by providing a network of relationships through social and business activities.

Pursuant to the Article of Association of the BNCC section 3.5, allmembers of the BNCC owns the responsibility to follow this Code of Conduct. The BNCC’s Code of Conduct requires members and non-member participants in BNCC events to:

  • Conduct business with respect, integrityand in a professional manner, to reflect ethically upon the business community and fellow BNCC members and participants of events and BNCC activities
  • To comply with all applicable laws and regulations in Norway and/or the UK (as applicable) relating to,inter alia:
      • Laws or regulations against discrimination or harassment, including in relation to matters involving race, gender, age, sexual orientation or sexual identity, political or religious affiliation;
      • anti-trust laws and regulations, hereunder not to engage in dialogue with or share any information with fellow members which could reasonably be considered to be in violation of such laws or regulations;
      • privacy laws and regulations, hereunder not to share personal data of any individual to any third party without the prior consent of that individual.
  • Respect instructions from the staff or Board of the BNCC.

In the event of a breach or non-compliance with the Code of Conduct the BNCC reserves the right to take appropriate action including exclusion from BNCC eventsand suspension of membership.