The BNCC Board of directors has decided to introduce a new membership level to secure selected companies influence above that of a regular membership.

Premier Partners will:
• Have a seat on BNCC Advisory Board (to be established). AB meets twice a year with an exciting program and dinner or lunch. Its formal role is to guide BNCC on strategic and policy directions. The Advisory Board is exclusively for BNCC premier partners and should consist of C-level management.
• Free access to all events(max 4 people. Not all need to be members, can bring own customers)
• Be able to influence the content of 1 intimate round table discussion/breakfast with the UK Ambassador.
• Be given the opportunity to host 2 events/round tables every year. Topics defined by Premier Partner together with the BNCC.
• Be given the opportunity to be involved in deciding topics, content and timing for BNCC events of all formats.
• Be given a prominently placed company logo on BNCC’s website and on BNCC communication.
• Be given direct access to the Chair and the Board of Directors at the BNCC.
• Be given direct access to the BNCC network in Norway and the UK when possible (limited by GDPR).
• Be given fast-track access to BNCCs global network (90 000 businesses in 65 countries).
• Be given an extended presence on BNCC website.
• Get extensive promotion in BNCC social media.


We welcome members of all nationalities and provide three membership options to suit every eligible company and individual. To see a list of membership benefits by category, click here