Per-Egill Frostmann

Director Bncc

Partner Marshmallow and OsloExecutive

Per-Egill works as an executive coach, mentor and management consultant. Over the past 30+ years he has worked with leaders and leadership teams in complex, multicultural and international businesses from FTSE 100 and Fortune 500; Nordic multinationals through to SMEs and scale-ups.

Per-Egill is a senior consultant and executive coach with the Oxford Group Executive Coaching practice where he works with some of Europe´s most important businesses. He is also a partner with Marshmallow, a Nordic professional consulting network.

Since 1999 Per-Egill has been a Certified Management Consultant according to the European Standard EN 16114 (Certified Management Consultant / CMC.) He has been a lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School for more than 25 years, teaching organization psychology, human resource management and change management.

BNCC Board of Directors