The BNCC and the Embassy share a common goal of encouraging stronger trading links between the UK and Norway in trade and investment through the tools of partnership and collaboration.  So I am delighted that the BNCC has launched an online presence to provide practical information and contact for those involved in UK/Norway trade.

Both of our economies are underpinned by a history of being open, outward-facing nations that rely on strong trading bonds in our own neighbourhood and beyond.  In many ways we treat the other market as an extension of our home market.  The UK remains Norway’s number 1 export market and Norway is the UK’s 12th biggest trading partner.  But we also need constantly to understand developments in the global economy so that we can remain competitive and relevant and grow trade and investment between the UK and Norway.  Both the Chamber and the Embassy maintain strong links with policy makers and business sectors in order to help businesses access the right contacts and information.

Whether your business is in the economic staples of energy, fish or marine; in newer high-tech/high value industries, or services, I believe there are opportunities to develop the trade and investment relationship between UK and Norway further.  This is top of the Embassy’s priorities, in partnership with the BNCC.”