We are one of the fastest and most effective gateways to connect and promote your business opportunities locally and worldwide.

Our independence from government funding allows for increased agility when providing our members with direct contact to 130 British Chambers of Commerce and the 90 000+ international business members.


  • Tailored exposure to showcase your brand, trade, products, visions and perspectives to attract targeted stakeholders
  • Increased exposure potential through streaming of events/panel discussions to the extended networks of cospeakers on panels
  • All live-streams and recorded materials are made available to global members of th 130 British Chambers of Commerce
  • Event sponsorship opportunities for visibility via logo placement
  • Your promotional video on extra topic-relevant webpages created re. specific events


  • Near direct access to the +90000 businesses represented by 130 British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) in the UK, Europe and Worldwide
  • A potential two phonecall pathway to potential new clients, contractors, stakeholders, new markets, etc., wherever there is an operating British Chamber of Commerce.
  • Opportunities to meet the British Ambassador through intimate business breakfasts that facilitate pragmatic discussion of the issues at hand
  • Direct access to all members of the BNCC


  • We are a non-profit organisation, owned by our members rather than a government or any dominant organisation giving us the freedom to arrange our value independently of political climates or outside agendas
  • As a smaller chamber we have the ability to move quickly, continually evolving our service to provide practical value to our members
  • Ours is a hands-on Board of Directors, often present at events to share insight, advise and engage with members


  • to all digital seminars, webinars and panel discussions created by the BNCC
  • to physical events, seminars, social gatherings and co-hostings
  • to open industry-specific events created by members of the BNCC
  • to relevant digital and physical events created by the global members of the BCC in the UK, Europe and