As a warm-up to the official visit and trade delegation to London, the BNCC organised an exclusive and unique insight as Rory Welsh, former campaign manager to Jeremy Hunt, shared his insights and advise on impacting British Politics.

As a build up to the Norwegian trade delegation visiting London for two days from 28 February, the BNCC organised an afternoon tea event with Rory Welsh. The event was organised with the BNCC being official partner of the trade delegation.

The insights from Rory Welsh included his reflections on development of British politics, as well as what strategies foreign companies wanting impact should focus on. Welsh also gave his opinions on current affairs such as the recently agreed trade agreement between the UK and the EU, outlook for the Scottish leadership question and what to look out for in going forward.

Even Aas, Executive Vice President of KONGSBERG, was one of many Norwegian and British participants at the event and highlighted both the advice and insights as valuable when looking in at British politics from the outside.

“British politics has changed much recent years andhas changed more rapidly only in the last year. I found the insights really useful, and also appreciated his honest and frank analysis on current affairs”, said Aas.

Rory Welsh is also part of the program for London Calling, a three-day unique insight into British politics, culture and society. The seminar takes place 19 – 21 April, with applications for participation open.