Coverage from week eight of the Coronavirus Business Impact Tracker

Take a look at some of the press coverage that week eight of the Coronavirus Business Impact Tracker received yesterday including:

Maintaining the flow of trade at the border

In order to maintain the flow of trade at the border during the current Coronavirus outbreak, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has announced that Border Control Posts (BCP) may temporarily accept scanned or electronic copies of health certification from competent authorities or operators in some specific circumstances.

Any measures taken are only for the duration of the Coronavirus outbreak. Speak directly to the relevant BCP for further clarification and if you have questions about a particular import. Please share with your members and find further information on our Coronavirus Hub.

Working safely during Coronavirus

The UK government has provided guidance for businesses on working safely during Coronavirus. In consultation with industry, this guidance has been produced to help ensure workplaces are as safe as possible. There are 8 guides which cover a range of different types of work. Please review the guidance on our Coronavirus Hub and share with your members.

Top tips for Zoom security

As we continue to use Zoom for online calls and webinars we need to be increasingly vigilant to avoid security breaches or ‘Zoombombing’ which has increased across the UK and globally. Take a look at the top tips from our events team, this is what BCC is doing to ensure we look after you and your members on our virtual events:

Turn off the function that allows guests to change their name themselves.
Don’t allow participants to share their screen. If you have an external speaker who needs to, make them a co-host during their presentation and then revert back to a participant.
You may also want to disable virtual backgrounds for participants as this could be used for sharing inappropriate images.
Have a team member co-host the call with you for support and to help keep an eye on things.
Make sure you know who is joining your call in advance and check anyone you are unsure of.
Approve registrations before sending the log on details and password to participants.
Close registration 1 hour in advance so that people can’t continue to register at the last minute.
Once everyone is on the call, lock the room. You should notify approved participants that this will happen 5 minutes after the call starts.

Share with your team and with your members. For more detailed information see the best practice security guide from Zoom.

Chamber events

Have you seen the variety of virtual events hosted by Chambers across our Network? Take a look at what your Chamber colleagues are doing to support their members and share your activities with the BCC marketing team.